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Thread: Duck hunting

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    Duck hunting

    Hoping to find someone willing to take a newbie out for a duck hunt and show me the ropes. I'm in region 2 but would travel elsewhere. Ive only ever got two ducks, they were swimming and I had to strip down to my undies to swim out and get em. I now have a big bag of decoys and can hit clays but without any local farm permission, I am at a loss for where to go and how to set everything up.

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    Re: Duck hunting

    Look up the Fraser Valley Special Area Map.

    Boundary Bay is the most accessible but because it is accessible you are rubbing shoulders with a lot of hunters. However there is space as it is wide open. You don't even need waders. I would say that is the most newbie friendly area as a mistake won't result in too much harm. If you don't have a buddy it is forgiving. Because it is very flat, when the tide goes out it essentially becomes a beach and nothing for dekes to float in.

    Brunswick Point is another popular one but harder to get out to and some hairy areas where if you take the wrong step you are in above your neck or can step in a hole and twist your ankle. Having a buddy there is highly advisable.

    Pitt Marsh is popular too but you need more than waders in spots. You need a dog or way to float to retrieve.

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