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Thread: Ice fishing setups

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    Re: Ice fishing setups

    As for augers i have no complaints using my hand auger but i rarely drill more than 18"
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    Re: Ice fishing setups

    You can also splurge and buy a Clam drill mount, which takes your cordless drill and puts a 2 handle and throttle system on it, so it is easier to control. One thing that I do (have not seen another) is I use an old plastic tool box from Canadian Tire to put my gear in. I think it is about 22" long so the rods fit with a bit of a bend in the tip, keeps everything safe and secure and out of the weather, dont have to worry if you tip your sled over. I have a separate seat so dont need the bucket.


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    Re: Ice fishing setups

    I started using an underwater camera from Amazon last year. Sure makes things more interesting!! Especially trying to keep the kids entertained.
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    Re: Ice fishing setups

    Thanks guy! I got a new strikemaster auger and the clam drillplate put together. Looks like it should work great!

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    Re: Ice fishing setups

    #1 Auger K-Drill 8" on Milwaukie M18 Cordless Drill, works great through ice up to 30" but has difficulty with ice that has a slushy layer in it.
    #2 Auger 8" Fin-Bore III hand auger, was my primary auger for years works great through ice up to 30". Had trouble finding replacement blades for it and had to ship blades to Michigan for sharpening.
    #3 Auger 6" Swede-Bore, only used a couple of time as a backup when my Fin-Bore blades were off being sharpened.

    Tent - Kingfisher 4 person, much like pup tents I don't know how they can justify calling it a 4 person, It's great for 2 people though, tall enough to stand up in.

    Rods - umm I have 15. I prefer rods that are 30-33" for small trout (Brookies, Rainbows, ect.) 33-36" for larger fish (ling, lakers)
    Normal setup to trout use a 3-4" spoon without the hook as a flasher and a hand tied 18-20" leader down to a #2 or #4 red gamagatsu octopus hook. I use shrimp for bait. I buy the $10 bags of frozen shrimp at Walmart, I tear a shrimp in half and thread onto the hook so that the eye of the red hook looks like the eye of the shrimp. Fish in 4-8 feet of water for brookies and 8-12 for rainbows I raise the flasher to the surface and let it drop, it flips and zig-zags down to a rest, repeat every minute or so unless I see a fish.
    For ling and lakers I use a 4" Williams Wabbler and jig in deep water 80-100 feet

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