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Thread: Best Bow 2020 2021?

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    Re: Best Bow 2020 2021?

    Quote Originally Posted by The Hermit View Post
    Generally I wouldn't mind a longer bow BUT I spend a lot of time in tree stands and shorther bows really shine up there and the shots are always under 25 meters in my stands.

    Thanks for the tips so far folks. What about an APA kind of like the idea of staying Canadian.
    APA makes a great bow. They are very easy to tune and customer service is fantastic, talked to Nibel on the phone when I chipped one of my limbs. They have a test program if you have no dealers close by.

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    Re: Best Bow 2020 2021?

    APA is 2007 technology at 2021 prices, WAY better bows out there for the same price.

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    Re: Best Bow 2020 2021?

    Prime just released their new bows

    They have a new 32 ata bow called the nexus. Apparently they’re more dead in the hand and faster this year.
    they also have an Aero gel based grip to make it warmer to hold.

    Should be a nice bow.

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