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Thread: A heads up warning

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    A heads up warning

    Going through Vanderhoof thought we would grab some KFC but parking lot was too full of cars that we couldn't get in with a 22 ft. trailer behind. We carried on and stopped at the large weigh station just out of town at the junction to Fort St James, thought we would cook ourselves a dinner and crash there for the night. My partner and I both had a craving for KFC so when he suggested we unhook the trailer and run back for a bucket I was all for that!

    We unhooked just as it was getting dark and I headed back to Vanderhoof which was only a few miles back, my partner stayed behind to get the trailer ready for us to eat inside and bed down for the night. Shortly after I left a pickup pulled into the lot and backed up to hitch up the trailer, Jim didn't think too much about it as the truck was a maroon colour much like mine only he didn't hear the diesel sound mine makes, he gets out of the trailer to help me hook up and realizes that it is not me but some stranger about to hook up the trailer. Jim had the pipe used for tightning up the hitch bars in his hand and said to the guy " your making the biggest mistake of your life"

    At which he jumped back into his truck and peeled away!!!

    If Jim had not stayed behind the trailer and all our hunting stuff would have been gone.
    So that is your heads up warning.

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    Re: A heads up warning

    Hopefully you got a plate number?
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    Re: A heads up warning

    Glad for you guys, that would of been a real bummer....I fuggin hate thieves.

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    Re: A heads up warning

    UN Believable ! Except for i know where that happened and it would not a REAL surprise . ! Glad to hear your Buddy stayed behind and saved the Day - Good LUCK to you Guys - Be Safe out there ! RJ
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    Re: A heads up warning

    Why people should have access to firearms..
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    Re: A heads up warning

    A fella broke down on the Paulson this summer. Tow truck took his truck. Went back for fifth wheel and it was gone. Happens everywhere.
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    Re: A heads up warning

    A plate # and report it. I also know the place.
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    Re: A heads up warning

    the weigh station should have cameras maybe would of picked up a plate #

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    Re: A heads up warning

    Agree trapper, worth looking into.

    Good thing buddy stayed back. Would have been interesting if he was inside and they started towing it away.

    If anyone has to leave there trailer for any amount of time for unforeseen circumstances consider pulling the tires off. Even a hub or two. Lock the hitch and pull out the emergency break away pin if equipped.
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    Re: A heads up warning

    The pricks in that area will steal your campfire if you give them a chance.
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