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Thread: Grouse in Creston area

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    Grouse in Creston area

    Hello all. First time posting, been browsing for awhile.

    Hoping someone has a better idea of where the abundance of grouse are hiding in Creston area? Willing to travel further. Here for another week. We’ve had a luck in the past up Dodge, but this year, not so much yet.

    If PM’d any ideas, it would be much appreciated. Not looking to fill the freezer. Just practice some upland hunting with the lab mostly.
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    Re: Grouse in Creston area

    I have never tried that area but some quick research tells me that if I were to come to the area, I would likely camp at Goat River Canyon Rec Site and start trying drainages off Iron Range Mountain walking old FSRs. I usually look for mixed forest (deciduous and conifers), edges next to open areas (like deactivated logging roads), and not far from water. They like the clover and pebbles on the roads. I cleaned a grouse last week with bearberry (kinnikinnick) and clover in its crop.

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