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Shoot a high quality fixed blade and be done with it. Tune your bow and don't look back.
Congrats on the Fallows - did I mention I hate you??

Fixed broadheads do not perform overly well with many of today's powerful and rather fast crossbows with comparatively short arrows.

My Matrix 380 literally zips them out there.
Tried various fixed blades with it.
Every single one of them "steered" the arrow.
Those you mention definitely would do the same.

Mechanical broadheads have come a long ways.
Many of the higher end ones today are damn near bulletproof.
I've found the older Spitfires to fly pretty much exactly as field points - right out to 80 - 90 yards.
And i really like the wide and short blood trails they leave.

In short, I simply won't even consider attempting any more of the smaller cutting diameter fixed heads again.