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Thread: Rage mechanical broadheads...

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    Rage mechanical broadheads...

    When I bought my Micro 360 Excalibur crossbow last year the archery pro at Cabellas
    talked me into buying 150gr 2 blade Hybrid Hypodermic Tip heads. I had Rage heads
    before shortly after they came out and wasn't impressed with how their little rubber
    o-ring sometimes allowed the blades to open if bumped etc. These have a locking collar
    and thicker blades so I tried them. On the fourth shot with the same arrow into a proper
    store bought target both top half of the blades broke off inside the target. WTF?
    After resetting my speed dial on the scope from what was working with 150gr field points,
    I had the Rage arrow hitting at exactly the correct elevation at 40 yds...but 3" to the right
    even though the field points were dead on the bullseye. Not very impressed so far! Never
    had this type of issue when shooting my compound bow. The mechanical heads and field
    points were very close to the same.
    Has anyone else had issues with these Rage mechanical heads past 30yds, or of durability?

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    Re: Rage mechanical broadheads...

    They are cheap made in china crap, shoot a quality fixed blade...

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    Re: Rage mechanical broadheads...

    Quote Originally Posted by Andrewh View Post
    They are cheap made in china crap, shoot a quality fixed blade...

    THIS ^^^ I have tried a lot of different mechanicals and have never had much joy. They break, fly wonky, and just plain suck.
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    Re: Rage mechanical broadheads...

    I cant say i have ever had an issue with them. Been using them for over 5 years. Have killed bear, deer and never had a blade break.

    As for the rubber o-rings they do sometimes slip, but they dont last many resets. Replace them and they are good to go.

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