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Thread: Nome Lake...anyone got info?

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    Nome Lake...anyone got info?

    Heading into Nome Lake

    Still looking for a bit of info on the potential campsite location. Wall tent and boats are coming in, so hoping someone has been there and can provide that type of info, not really looking for details on where to find game etc but will take it if you want to share it.

    Thanks Srupp for the info you already provided. In the end it really doesn't matter, we will do a fly over and find the spot, but having a bit more info is always good.

    Shoot me a PM

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    Re: Nome Lake...anyone got info?

    Hmm with lake levels dramatically up everywhere...places on the shore may be underwater this year....
    Goodluck..straight shooting

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    Re: Nome Lake...anyone got info?

    Your pilot will know all the usual campsites that have good beaches for the floatplane docking.

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