Hey fellas, I’m just throwing a line out looking for some help from anyone who might be able to help out some Canada Armed Forces veterans. I am a part of a group called, “the Veteran Hunters” see link: https://www.theveteranhunters.com/

The objective is to take veterans suffering from PTSD sustained from serving and protecting Canadians out hunting. I have been fortunate enough to participate in events arranged by the group and have personally seen how amazing it is to see our servicemen partake in hunting. I myself suffer from ptsd and going hunting is one of the most beneficial sources of relief.

I’m searching to see if there is anyone around the mid island area that has access or land that could be used on occasion to support some duck hunting for myself and maybe one other vet.

The support would be an amazing contribution. Please shoot me a text or email if there is some sort of arrangement that could be made.


Thank you,