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Thread: Kuiu pants

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    Re: Kuiu pants

    I like the Attack pants for most of my BC big game hunting. The exception was hunting Roosevelt elk on the Sunshine Coast. They aren’t good for blackberry brush. Any willow or alpine hunting they work out well for me. I love the side zips to dump heat when you are climbing.

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    Re: Kuiu pants

    thanks for the comments on this folks. How do the Kuiu attack pants compare to whatever Sitka has? Not sure which Sitka pant would be comparable to the attack.

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    Re: Kuiu pants

    Quote Originally Posted by porthunter View Post
    Just checked on there facebook.

    July 4/5 - FSJ
    July 18/19 - Kamloops
    July 25/26 - Abbotsford

    also July 11 in Prince George, Trench Brewery
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    Re: Kuiu pants

    I tried the traverse and apex - totally subjective: The fit and feel of the kiui fit better FOR ME! Never worn them in the field so can't comment on build quality but I know people who have them and love them. I think it's one of those situations where both companies make great products (they better for the price) but it boils down to cut, fit and personal preference. You can try out Sitka pants at Cabellas and if you have a chance to go to one of the gear days you can try out the Kiuis.

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