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Thread: Stone Glacier M5

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    Stone Glacier M5

    Does any one on here have any experience with the stone glacier m5 jacket and pants? The specs look impressive fits looks great considering buying it but would love to hear some reviews. Also thinking about beyond clothing wondering what you guys think?

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    Re: Stone Glacier M5

    Hey, may be late to this, but I just received my M5 system from Precision Optics. So being this time of year, I haven't had a chance to try out in some wet weather. First try on of jacket tells me it fits a little bigger than Kuiu's. I've tried on an XL Kuiu Yukon and it fit rather well. So got the XL in the M5. Well the shoulders are a fair bit broader and the sleeves seem longer. The sleeves may be because of the broader shoulders? not sure. So currently waiting for the Large.

    The pants fit exactly as described. I got a Large, I'm a 37 waist and have larger than average legs which usually causes issues with buying pants. But these fit quite nicely.

    Sorry can't give a good real world review yet, this is all just in the house first glances. The material seems durable and not like ill just tear on the first twig I brush by and as quiet as you could hope from a waterproof material.

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    Re: Stone Glacier M5

    I bought a pair for sheep hunting this year. Knees got wet kneeling on moss for 5 min setting up my tent. Also very fragile to any abrasion. Knicks and cuts all over from 1 day use. I wouldn’t recommend them

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