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Thread: Where to start scouting?

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    Re: Where to start scouting?

    Quote Originally Posted by Outbound View Post
    Travelling that Fox Creek to Hinton road is something I want to do for sure. I've heard of Obed lake and it's on my list to fish for sure.

    I know of a few cutblocks, but I need to check them for vantage points. Due to all the oil and gas activity, wellsites and leases are everywhere. Do deer tend to avoid those due to the machinery or do they like the clearings created?
    Yes!! Totally forgot to mention the seismic lines - you definitely want to hit up as many of those as you can. Easy quiet walking and you can see a long ways. Just try to stay close to the side of the timber that has the shade and walk in the shade with the wind in your face. Deer and all game animals love travelling seismic lines. Also, make sure you have 4X4 if you're going off the main roads because it can rain pretty good and some of those less used roads are really easy to get stuck in once they get all gummed up. Good luck
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    Re: Where to start scouting?

    Awesome, thanks for all the info. Lots of good stuff here to get me started. I'll definitely get on those seismic lines. Fortunately, I have a solid 4x4 with awesome tires to get into those lease roads. I've done some work down them and I know exactly how nasty they can get with rain!

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