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Thread: Surf smelt

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    Surf smelt

    Anyone go after surf smelt around lower mainland? I know the season is almost over now but since Iím going to be stuck here for another year it might be nice for something to do. I remember going down as a little one with my dad and pops and watching the sunset and coming home with a bucket of little fish.

    Any info would be appreciated

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    Re: Surf smelt

    Check the notices on DFO site, for lower mainland closures. I believe there were some recently.

    In the past I’ve seen people fishing with cast nets on the sea wall in Stanley Park (think it’s verboten now) and Spanish Banks.

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    Re: Surf smelt

    I used to see people set up along Spanish Banks west of the dog beach; sometimes quite a few. Have not seen anyone this year, but then there has not been many people around generally. Not sure what the regs are for the area. Note that if you go too far west, past the picnic area, you hit Acadia beach, which is "clothing optional".

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