Hello, I'm in the process of developing a shot shell reloading tool, and realized it will take a little more money and "lack of surroundings" to develop. The reason I say "lack of surroundings" is because I live in a quiet area, and the tool development will make more a little more noise than appropriate here.

So I'd like to ask if there are any metalworkers here who might like to develop the metal tool, for a fair price, of course. I have a pretty clear concept of what's needed. I was trained in engineering drafting as well, so I can provide very clear drawings of what I need. It's not a huge project, but it does need to be precise.

For kit, you would need at the very least a drill press and an 11/16" metal bit to do the job. The metal itself would be aluminum.

I'd prefer if the metalworker was here on Vancouver Island, so I can drive over to pick up the tool and discuss what needs to be done. But the Gulf Islands or Tsawassen are fine - too, because BC Ferries is free for over-65s like me! (It's true, check it out.)

Send a reply if you are interested. Thx in advance!