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Thread: Online hunting courses & exams Q

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    Online hunting courses & exams Q

    Hi All,

    My son is 11 and has lots of time on his hands right now. I want to get him into a core course, and I see a few online.
    Any recomendations?
    and also, does anyone know if someone (or some program) offers the CORE Examination remotely yet due to cv19 concerns?
    That would be ideal.


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    Re: Online hunting courses & exams Q

    Im in the same boat. was thinking of doing the BCWF online course, but last I saw it was up to individual examiners wether they do the exams or not.

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    Re: Online hunting courses & exams Q

    I’m also interested in this topic, but have yet to find any information other than it’s up to the instructors if they want to test or not. So far I haven’t found anyone willing to administer the test.

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    Re: Online hunting courses & exams Q

    There is only one online CORE course. Do the course online and then they can take the test. You can't do the test remotely as it involves practical firearm handling. Not much need for remoteness in BC these days, there is hardly any virus left in BC.
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    Re: Online hunting courses & exams Q

    My son who just turned 14 did the online course and then we challenged the test - we went this route because his CORE course over spring break got cancelled.
    I got the manual through BCWF for him to read (i liked the hard cover book better - $19) and got a hold of a local examiner in surrey who did the exam and practical firearm handling test and it was all good. Core Challenge test was $30
    After you are done you also have to do most of the BCWID online so the process is more online now than before.
    i recommend getting the book and they can study at their leisure and you can see their progress and decide if they should challenge or not, and they also need to know how to read/look up the hunting regs so hard copy study helps.
    PM me if you want the local information in the lower mainland

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