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Thread: Brambles 2019 Elk Season

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    Re: Brambles 2019 Elk Season

    Quote Originally Posted by cthast View Post
    Great write up brother. Always love being involved in your adventures! You keep getting the bulls down and I’ll keep bringing the beer!
    Thanks for coming to help me pack out again...the beer was a wonderful touch..
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    Re: Brambles 2019 Elk Season

    Great hunt, great story that was well written. I am totally envious of your adventure but more your ability to pack out an incredible weight. At my advancing age and damaged back, knees and shoulders I can't take more than 60 - 65 pounds for a long duration. Good on you.....looking forward to hearing about your 2020 hunting adventure.

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    Re: Brambles 2019 Elk Season

    I know how the porn ends, I had to read your story until the end to find out what happened!!!lol - thanks again for a well written Hunting Story, Iím thinking many appreciate it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Brambles View Post
    best compliment ever....thanks

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