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Thread: Tripods?

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    I am in the market for a new tripod. I want one that has a handle on the head so I can pan left to right and up and down.
    My scope is a Razor HD 85 mm straight (the big one)...I was using the summit xlt but didn't like the twist lock legs would prefer the latch lock style. Looked at Cabelas and they want over $300 for the PRO series.
    Checked out many different ones there is almost too many choices. Everything from $100 to $600.
    I mostly use the scope at the range but do take it for spotting deer/moose.
    Any suggestions on a reasonably priced tripod.

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    Re: Tripods?

    It’s a ball head but I’m sure can be changed, and twist locks but good ones. the Siriu t25 carbon fibre. Should be high $200s new.

    removable centre section, packs down small and is light. I’ve got a 65mm Swaro on it

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    Re: Tripods?

    Depending on your location craigslist can be a good place to look. I got a $300 unit for $60. its an older unit but once I got the adapter plate on amazon for $20 I was set.
    Take a kid hunting its more rewarding than shooting an animal yourself!!

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