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Thread: Garmin Inreach

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    Re: Garmin Inreach

    Bough my Inreach mini a couple weeks ago. I just got home from a 4 day bear hunt.

    Over 4 days, my mini was:

    on from approx 0630 to 2200 daily,
    Blue tooth mode on,
    Track mode on for the trip to and from camp, off the remainder,
    Sent 4 custom messages per day,
    Received 4 messages per day,
    Half my messages were while the unit was synched to my phone,
    Battery today when I got home was 60%.

    My normal trips wont be more than an ok message in the morning and evening with the unit powered down in between. Figure I can easily make a 7-10 day backpacking trip.

    Was cool to be able to tell my hunting buddy what I was seeing and where.

    I left it turned on to see as dont intend to strut around with it on all day. Figure turning bluetooth mode off will save additional power.

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    Re: Garmin Inreach

    Great thread. Difference between Mini and Explorer seems to be the Earthmate map function / display. Is the quality of the mapping worth the size and price difference (when also have Rino 650 with BC Backroads Maps)?

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    Re: Garmin Inreach

    I have Explorer+. Used it north of Sachs Harbour on Banks Island, all over B.C. and as far south as Mexico. Take it anywhere that cell service may be a problem. used it for a truck breakdown,
    mid November, foot snow, -10, remote road. Tow company used coordinates sent with the message to locate us. $14.95 a month...Bargain

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    Re: Garmin Inreach

    SOS is an awesome feature. BUT, it should be harder to inadvertently set off. Luckily search and rescue was tracking my movement and did not deploy the helicopters for 45 minutes. Finally on my lunchbreak, I heard a faint noise from my pack. ARGH!!!! I always turn it off. My fault for having too much meat in my pack....

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