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I have to wonder if the lifetime membership issue was the determining factor or just one of many issues the club members found not worthwhile.

If it was brought up and then not thought worth solving with the BCWF then I am at a complete loss as to how absolutely dumb the BCWF was in not addressing the issue.

Add a record on each club member with a spot to put their BCWF life membership number and reduce the club per capita by an amount that recognizes the life membership, ie: 10 life members in the club then the per capita BCWF dues reduced by 10 units. I am sure there are not that many life members and it would take little time for it to be manually correlated if they do not know how to do custom db queries.

Sometimes the unwillingness of people to address technology issues with simple solutions is absolutely exasperating. To lose 800 members of a concordant club is no small thing and will no doubt impact BCWF revenue significantly. Not a good picture being painted for sure.

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I don't think it was strictly the Lifetime Member issue to cause this. I've spoken to our President
every year since I started this pilgrimage and even though he sent appropriate paperwork along with
my membership to BCWF, nothing was said or done. It was also a issue with Direct Members
that wanted to join a second Club but didn't want to pay the BCWF dues twice. I'm guessing that Clubs
are wanting more bang for their buck, whether it was an insurance issue, not wanting the magazine, or
just simply needing more cash to operate. Our Club numbers have grown exponentially over the last
couple years so it'll be interesting to see where they are next year. There's always the option for Club
members to join BCWF on their own, and I'm sure some will.....