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i've never expected to have a right of way on an active fsr. If there's activity going on, i usually get the hell outta that area before i get smoked. And if i did get smoked, i would blame myself, not the loaded truck. I have had great experience's with crews over the years. One year it was hot as hell in september and came across a guy coming out in his excavator. We were stopped at a spot we were going to maybe set up at, but it wasn't ideal. I flagged him down and chatted for a few minutes about how much logging was going on further up etc.... He seemed like a nice guy, and he just wanted to get home. I offered him an ice cold beer and he lit up like a kid at christmas. I was blown away when he said "you gonna set up your trailer here?" "why dont you pull ahead a few feet and i'll level it out for you." we i'll be damned.......he leveled the spot for the trailer and then some in less than 5 minutes. Made a sweet camp spot for us.
Moral of the story......dot be an asshole, it will come back to you.