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Thread: Annual Hunts - whats your traditions

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    Annual Hunts - whats your traditions

    Pretty sombre news everytime we look at the news or the internet, time for some thoughts of the good times we've had and are going to have in a few months.
    Late summer or early fall many of us embark on an annual hunting trip with friends or family, probably a lot of history in these groups so lets share some of the traditions and quirky things that are done out of tradition or superstition.
    Have to stop at a certain Gas Station or Restaurant on the trip, a meal or a celebration drink or cigar, camp spot or hotel.
    Hear lots of guys coming out of sheep hunts stopping for a burger at Tatogga, maybe someones birthday etc etc.
    After several days together often not showered there is a reason we get together again every year.
    Eds Garage / Maes Kitchen / home of the horny black beaver is (hey - mind out of the gutter) - to name a few landmarks in travels.

    Haven't done a north trip for a few years but every time i went up Hwy37 i was in awe of the beauty of the area in fall, the roads lined with yellow as the leaves were changing reminded me of almost every trip i'd made into the area. Heading in they were green and the trip out they turned yellow showed the changes of the season. The black bears on those trips, like mile markers!!

    Do an Nov annual trip for deer in a comfortable camp, our tradition is the food as we've gone quality over quantity. Gone are the days of Stagg Chilli and hot dogs or sausage/beer and replaced with BBQ Salmon, Ribeye steaks, Seafood nights, Butter Chicken with proper naan bread, Rib night and each year we try to improve on our meals which is tough.

    Share yours.

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    Re: Annual Hunts - whats your traditions

    Every year we go in for sheep. Every year, we stop in at the Chadwick statue in fort nelson and rub his testes for luck. It works!!!!

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    Re: Annual Hunts - whats your traditions

    For more than 10 years now, we have done an annual family Thanksgiving weekend moose hunt - turkey and everything!!

    2019 pic...

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    Re: Annual Hunts - whats your traditions

    I dont really have any traditions, but my plan is to try for another LEH goat again and if successful, go for a 15 day solo hunt. Its been few years since Ive done a hunt like this and in the past, usually split my time between deer/goat. This time around if I get drawn will only go for deer if I get a goat.

    Im not getting any younger, so already started my fitness regime
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    Re: Annual Hunts - whats your traditions

    Life has been hectic last few years with house renovations and having a baby at home, plus some LEH luck has changed plans too, but one of my personal traditions when going on a week or two trip is to call my uncle before I leave cell reception to let him know what I’m up to. He was a hardcore hunter in his younger days but now has started suffering memory loss so he doesn’t go out anymore.

    If we are heading to the interior we stop in Hope for gas and a Captain Black break.

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    Re: Annual Hunts - whats your traditions

    Annual moose hunt either in LEH area when successful or GOS when we don't get LEH. The members of the group have changed somewhat over the years but my longtime hunting partner and I have been hunting together for 38 years. Hopefully we can participate again this year. We have had pretty good success over the years with over 40 moose taken among the members of our group.

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