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Thread: Better hide your AR 15

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    Re: Better hide your AR 15

    I had a conversation with someone from one of the national organizations. He thinks the Liberals simply won't be able to enact any of their two main promises on either AR-15 confiscation or on municipal handgun bans. Neither of them pass the smell test on execution. He didn't believe Order in Council would be able to deem the AR-15 prohibited or change the classifications. The AR-15 is defined in legislation so according to him they can only be redefined by legislation. Similarly, legislation would be needed to redefine semi-auto rifles as an entire class.

    Even should the Liberals feel the required legislation is achievable, they are receiving a lot of push back from the bureaucrats on all levels who would have to figure out how to do a New Zealand style buyback or confiscation. The numbers don't work for the resources needed to make sure all the guns are collected and owners - with their varying levels of cooperation - are accounted for. There isn't the budget or manpower to do so, not when there are so many other strains testing the RCMP and the provincial police forces.

    On the municipal level, the mayors who are in favour of a ban are just cheerleading. They definitely do not want the burden of directing their already overstretched police to go knocking on doors even if it was legal for cities to do so. Meanwhile many mayors came out against the ban or are against cities being responsible for it even if they are anti- handgun themselves. They would want to pass the buck, which means little would get done.

    Which is not to say that owner resistance is not helping convince those who are pushing back that it is a terrible idea. Our efforts are helping those in the middle realize the foolishness of the Liberal's promises.

    The Liberals for face saving may enact some incremental regulatory change such as with C-71.

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    Re: Better hide your AR 15

    Quote Originally Posted by Retiredguy View Post
    Yes the AR15's are suppose to be registered as they are "restricted" and have been for some time. So not sure how you are going to "hide" them, unless of course you have one and it is not registered, and it would be such a good idea to admit to that on an open forum.....

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    Re: Better hide your AR 15

    Quote Originally Posted by Beachcomber View Post
    Isn't the issue registered vs non-registered? You are right in your earlier post about non-compliance being a factor with respect to the LGR and that many potentially soon-to-be-restricted AR-ish rifles are unregistered and therefore their existence is unknown to police. BUT if you own a registered restricted firearm that ends up being subject to a ban and don't comply with that ban (ie wait for the cops to show up and take it away), you are presumably running the risk of prosecution - much more so than someone with the same weapon that has avoided registering it for legacy reasons. I agree there are ways to delay and challenge that will put this legislation in to limbo (175000 petition signatures must surely make the Liberals nervous about the challenges they face implementing this kind of law. Do they really want to look like incompetent failures AGAIN by not being able to enforce laws of their own manufacture?), but once and if that process runs its course, registered firearms owners would be taking a risk by continuing to hold out.

    The difference with NZ is that they did not have a restricted data base like we do so the police enforcement task has been much harder. Gun owners have also told them that offering 30% of the value of their property is not sufficient compensation for confiscation. I wonder if the Liberals will be be similarly dim-witted in attempting a "buy back"? Finally, if this legislation passes here I expect it will be tied up for a long time in the courts. if it comes to that Canadians may finally learn that gun owners are not the swivel-eyed lunatics that Justin would like them to believe. The real threat comes from lawless gangbangers and a government that refuses to act effectively to address crime, preferring instead to create a new category of criminal out of law abiding citizens.

    There are going to be some gun owners that have had enough, and will draw a line and say "come and take them if you can" but that's not what I am talking about. Although I am sure that scenario has been discussed by RCMP brass, since RCMP members are going to be the ones tasked with taking guns by force if it comes to that, and I am sure that nobody is keen on situations like this.

    I'm talking about every gun owner dragging this out as long as possible, and making it as painful as possible, including having the police come to your door to collect your legally purchased property that is now illegal. How long will that take? How much will that cost? Is there a better use of police resources? Justin and Blair will have to be held accountable to these questions.
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    Re: Better hide your AR 15

    I suppose if gun owners "drag it out", as Gate is saying, then I suppose if that is still going on come next election, then yes, I can see a small chance of the
    Cons reversing or stopping the ban.
    Otherwise, petitions etc wont do anything, at least not as far a s the Libs are concerned.
    (could help the Cons however, with a bunch if signatures, but I think more voting folks want them gone then those that want them)

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