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Thread: BRM for Garmin 66i

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    Re: BRM for Garmin 66i

    I was once a fool relying on my phone and a gps app. Went on a solo hunt for mule deer with the intentions on going to a spot I was familiar with. Got a bit mixed up with the side roads and ended up parking at a dead end in a different spot I had never been. Fired up my trusty app and headed off.

    needless to say when it came time to work my way back to the truck it was no where to be found-couldn’t even find a road and the “gps” couldn’t guide me back to my dropped pin, for whatever reason it went bonkers. Could see nothing but Christmas trees and it was getting late in the day by now. The phone running the gps killed my battery and by the time I noticed it only had a few % left which lasted a solid one minute before it shut off lol

    ended up getting to a vantage point and spotted the power line that I know crossed the main road at some point so headed for that, once again had no clue to follow left or right but guessed correct and eventually made it back. Totally wrong area, there are enough roads around that I wouldn’t have been screwed forever but it scared the crap out of me. Bought a garmin inreach after that adventure lol

    long winded but don’t trust your phone/app

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    Re: BRM for Garmin 66i

    I've been playing with this for a few days now. Damn nice piece of kit. It does help that I've used a lot of Garmin equipment before. It's intuitive but it's not your iphone.

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    Re: BRM for Garmin 66i

    I switched from an inreach/Garmin Rino combo to the 66i before last season. I was happy with the functions and battery life. My backroad map books chip that I bought years ago was not compatible with the 66i software. Backroads map books sold me a new chip at a discount, and I resold mine to a buddy with an older gps. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that the 66i has different application software than the older gas units like the 64x ect. Enjoy your new device.

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