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Thread: Flock of Flickers,,,,,do you like 'em?

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    Re: Flock of Flickers,,,,,do you like 'em?

    Quote Originally Posted by ZacNap View Post
    They make a waterproof one Lucky Duck HDI i put it ahead of the mojo spinners
    I think you're confusing a "robo" mechanical duck decoy with the flicker/spinners I'm asking about. maybe not,,,,,but this is what the flickers look like. I grabbed this photo off the net. They really don't light up like the photo shows.

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    Re: Flock of Flickers,,,,,do you like 'em?

    I have them used them last 2 years never even put batteries in them this year.More stuff to haul didnt think the they made that big of a differance . But they did still all work .Bent the shafts a few times but they straightend out ok.My .02 cheers

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