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Thread: How cold is too cold for hunting waterfowl?

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    Re: How cold is too cold for hunting waterfowl?

    Cmon PN even you have to admit to eating duck pepperoni lol

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    Re: How cold is too cold for hunting waterfowl?

    Well, just pulled the plug on a duck hunt up in the valley this morning. Got 8" (at least) of the white stuff just outside my door and it's still snowing like a pig. No sense trying to make the 1 1/2 hour drive and end up in a ditch!

    That being said, it is beautiful outside! Took Sako out for a walk prior to bailing on the hunt and it's about the lightest snow I've seen in the lower mainland for quite sometime. You walk through it like it's not even there! It'll be easy to shovel. Doesn't feel all that cold.

    I'll definitely get Sako out to Tynehead Park for a good long romp today. Next to hunting, playing in the snow is her next favourite thing to do,,,, if you don't count eating!

    Moose roast on the menu tonight. Got lots of time to prepare it while watching WILD tv.. LOL

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    Re: How cold is too cold for hunting waterfowl?

    I've been walking around Vancouver in my hunting gear. Just another day "in the field" for me but feeling very comfy. I took the girlfriend out for a impromptu tobaggan using my duck sled and then dragged her around the streets. Was fun! I'd still be rather out hunting ducks but no way I want to go into a ditch too. That would suck. Hope there's an opening next week as I ended my season shooting terrible. Would love to get another few before the 24th

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