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Thread: How much have things changed?

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    How much have things changed?

    Feeling a little nastalgia. I was born and raised in Richmond (68 yrs old now) during the 50/60s. Lived on the corner of #1 and Williams Rd. Back then Dad and I used to walk (four blocks) or drive to the end of Williams Rd, hop over the dike, and start duck hunting without any issues. If walking (cased shotguns and an ammo bag, never decoys), neighbours would wish us luck (no one ever thought anything about someone walking down the road with a shotgun in hand). We did quite well actually.
    Back then, it was petty well open fields between #1 and Williams all the way to Steveston, with some good Pheasant hunting also.
    Anyways, I assume this is a big no-no these days. So, is this still legal these days and how much have things changed?

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    Re: How much have things changed?

    I got my hunting license in '62 right after moving from Kirkland Lake to Kitchener-Waterloo.

    Initially our family lived in an apartment in Waterloo & went hunting frequently from a walking distance to the farmers fields for grouse, pheasant & rabbits(European & cottontail)
    Carried my shotgun through the streets on the way & never had a problem.
    On my way back home usually had a rabbit or 2 & sometimes birds. Some people would say hi & ask questions about the hunt.

    When in KL I used to tag along with hunting parties usually composed of friends older brothers or fathers...

    Moved to beautiful BC in '65 & started hunting moose, deer & grouse. There were many more hunters those days. The game was plentiful & we were very successful.

    Still remember the gun racks

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    Re: How much have things changed?

    As a youth I would walk the mile from 263rd down along Lougheed Hwy through Whonnock to my grandfather's
    place while carrying a rifle on my shoulder and a shotgun in my hands to go hunting. No one seemed concerned.
    A few years later I rode my endurance horse all over Maple Ridge on my way into the northern mountains while
    carrying a 30-30 in a scabbard (not loaded until in the bush) without anyone showing anything but mild interest
    in the horse and my rigging, not the gun. I hunted birds all over the eastern part of Maple Ridge and shot deer
    and bear off my dad's farm and my grandfather's homestead as well as a friends the use of any firearm
    is strictly forbidden almost anywhere in Maple Ridge.

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    Re: How much have things changed?

    In the 60s, getting up before dawn wasn't too appealing to me. But my friend Rod would take his CIL single shot into the field behind his house in Ladner. I don't know if he ever did get a duck.

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