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Thread: voting on proposed changes to 2020 hunting regs

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    voting on proposed changes to 2020 hunting regs

    Click on the above or post to a new Google window

    Click on Login on Home hunting Login bar

    If you see the bar change to My Account Logout you've logged in successfully

    Scroll down to the proposal "Scopes on bows...." Click on the right hand box with "Scopes on bows..."

    A new page opens with entire proposal and scroll down to the bottom

    See Level of Support
    Support Neutral Oppose

    Click on one (congratulations you've voted) Comments can be added although your vote is enough. Read the discussion posts if you like.

    Now wait till the results are tallied and F&G Branch makes a decision after Jan 17th.

    If they still decide to ban scopes against our vote there are iron sights such as this one.
    All is not lost.
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    Re: voting on proposed changes to 2020 hunting regs

    Bored and left comment, thanks.

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