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Thread: Proposed Waterfowler Heritage Days - repeal / harmonization with Feds

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    Proposed Waterfowler Heritage Days - repeal / harmonization with Feds

    BC Govt released a series of 2020 proposed regulations. There are a couple waterfowl specific ones but the general one I am having trouble understanding is this one:

    Current Regulations:
    Waterfowler Heritage Days (WHDs) for the hunting of ducks and geese occur province wide. Only youth hunters at least 10 years of age and less than 18 years of age who have met all provincial requirements are permitted to hunt, and they must be accompanied by a licensed hunter that meets the prescribed requirements to supervise youth hunters (see page 8 supervision for youth hunters). The supervising hunter can guide and advise the young hunter but is not permitted to hunt. See individual regions for season dates. Federal regulations have been amended to exempt youth hunters from having to purchase the federal Migratory Game Bird Hunting Permit when participating in WHDs. Provincial regulations have been amended to exempt youth hunters from having to purchase the provincial hunting licence or the junior hunting licence when participating in WHDs. In addition, youth at least 10 years of age and less than 18 years of age are exempt from the requirement to complete hunter safety training (CORE) prior to participating in WHDs. NOTE: Youth who wish to hunt ducks and geese outside of designated WHDs or who wish to hunt for any other species of game, must purchase the appropriate licence and, if 18 years.
    WHDs vary from region to region refer to 2018-2020 Hunting & Trapping Regulations Synopsis for details.

    Proposed Regulations:
    Regions have 2 days per licence year that are designated as Waterfowl Heritage Days. These two days are being proposed to be added to the general open seasons for migratory game birds.

    I don't really understand why it is "repealed" and what it means practically. It doesn't really affect me as I have no youths waiting to get into waterfowling but of course I support more youngsters getting into it to preserve our sport.

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    Re: Proposed Waterfowler Heritage Days - repeal / harmonization with Feds

    BC seems to want to harmonize with the feds but even reading the Federal proposed change I don't see what the BC proposal does to aid it. I like everything quoted below, just confused about why the BC heritage days have to be repealed.
    Hunting for minors (under 18 years of age)

    Currently, youth or minors (under the age of 1 may hunt migratory game birds under their mentor’s MGBH permit during Waterfowler Heritage Days. In most jurisdictions, Waterfowler Heritage Days occur from one to seven days before or during the regular hunting seasons, and they do not occur in any of the Canadian territories. If minors wish to hunt outside of Waterfowler Heritage Days, they must purchase an MGBH permit. It is proposed that an amendment be made to the Regulations that would allow minors to obtain both the MGBH permit and the habitat conservation stamp free of charge. This would provide youth with a supervised opportunity to practice their skills throughout the full open seasons, as well as the special conservation harvest periods. They would be subject to the same requirements as adult hunters, such as having to have their permit on their person at all times when hunting, and to comply with the daily bag and possession limits. However, minors would be required to hunt with a mentor, as is currently the case with Waterfowler Heritage Days. Two changes are proposed with regards to mentors. The first is that a mentor would have had to have an MGBH permit in a previous year, and the second is that the mentor would be able to hunt when out with the youth they are mentoring. Permits for minors would only be available for purchase online. In order to avoid conflict in the Regulations, it is proposed that Waterfowler Heritage Days be repealed.

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