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Thread: USA Limited Entry Hunting

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    USA Limited Entry Hunting

    Just wondering if anyone uses services like Huntin Fool or Cabelas Tags for applying for draws south of the border.
    If so please comment on who you use and any tips on applying for draws.

    I just did a New Mexico elk hunt with a landowner tag. It was actually easier than I thought crossing the border both ways.
    I would like to start building points in AZ, CO, WY etc.

    thanks everyone

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    Re: USA Limited Entry Hunting

    I use Eric at WTA, formerly Cabelas Tags. Have been with them 13? years. Have drawn, MT Bighorn, AZ elk, WY elk, CO, Muley and last year ID Shiras. I spend about $2,000 CDN a year on my TAGS program and can pretty much count on a tag every other year. The younger you are the better it is since many of the states have a preference point system. So, I put in for Mule Deer, Elk, Sheep, and Buffalo in most all Western jurisdictions.
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