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Thread: Public hunting land.

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    Public hunting land.

    Thanks to my bosses taking me out duck hunting, I'm kinda hooked. But I would, however, like to be not so reliant on them to provide the grounds to hunt on, and try my luck going solo or with any new hunting buddies if possible. I'd like to start on public land first, work on my calling, my shooting, etc. then work my way up to asking farmers if they need help keeping waterfowl off their fields.
    I've found the Fraser valley special area hunting license map on the government of BC's website and overlaid it with google maps to see if there's any public land that is accessible to anyone. The only real places I've found are Woodward, Duck and Barber Islands. I'm sure I'm missing a few other areas, but it seems the rest are all private/farm land. Has anyone ever tried hunting these islands or have any suggestions on public land that can be hunted to try? As always, any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thanks guys and gals.

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    Re: Public hunting land.

    Come on, somebody help this guy out.

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    Re: Public hunting land.

    Shoot me a pm of where you live and email address and I can send you some locations of where you can hunt that is accessible.

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