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Thread: Pickup your sh*t!

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    Re: Pickup your sh*t!

    Litterbugs are scum!

    I spent a month in the Yukon recently camping in various locations, I found only one beer can and everywhere I went it was CLEAN!

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    Re: Pickup your sh*t!

    Ive been down there a few times this season, i pack out a bag of trash each time, i figure with how many dog walkers and photographers are down there it makes us look a little better.

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    Re: Pickup your sh*t!

    On my way in and out of Brunswick I always stop to throw in hulls and wads into my sled. Rarely beer cans but not too uncommon to find someone's food trash that they just left there. Every summer I try to take part in the Shoreline Cleanup there. It is a bit embarrassing seeing the rest of the clean up team picking up and cataloguing hunting trash but there is plenty of other sources of garbage that floats in there.

    I spend my time picking up as many hulls as I can see after I finish up at my spot. I know I am leaving some but I make an effort and invariably I am picking up another hunter's hulls. With the emphasis these days on cleaning up floating plastic garbage we need to be proactive or else hunting will be targeted!

    One time at Boundary I found someone's stash of empties all nicely wrapped up in a garbage bag waiting to be recycled. Not sure why they were stashing it in the middle of the foreshore.

    Also along the dyke there is never a day when I don't see someone's dogshit nicely wrapped up in a baggie on the side of the path. I know people say they are just leaving it there to pick up on the way back but you will always see some old dog shit baggie that is week's old just laying there.
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