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Thread: Pants...seriously, hunting pants for BC

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    Re: Pants...seriously, hunting pants for BC

    My original pair is starting to get signs of being worn after 30 years and a chain saw incident, so I felt very fortunate to find another pair of these at Gorilla Surplus on East Broadway in Vancouver for $10.00.

    They are dress pants, with no cargo pockets, but the blend and weave are so tight they are warm in cool to cold temps, resist some rain and deflect snow, and with a light pair of long wool underwear I've worn them in minus 10 to 15 weather.

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    Re: Pants...seriously, hunting pants for BC

    Quote Originally Posted by jac View Post
    I bought from Valhalla pure and the fjallraven store in Vancouver. The Vancouver store has lots of selection and were nice to deal with cheap shipping. The vidda pro with vents are bombproof all g1000. The Kebs are g1000 and 4 way stretch they look very nice but I havenít tested, they are there most technical hiking pant. Last year on 10 day hunt I used the vidda without vents and they worked great. This year Iím going to use the kebs.
    Just ordered the Vidda Pro for $138 on sale at Valhalla. Great reviews on them on Tube. Thanks

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    Re: Pants...seriously, hunting pants for BC

    Why wear pants if you don’t have to?
    I like drinking beer and whiskey, shooting guns, jetboating, love a nice rack and a tight line, I am simply a sophisticated redneck...

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