How to post photos from your Gallery to HBC- no need to use Imgur or any third party sites
(note: how to upload photos to your gallery for Windows and Mac also in Members
Pictures and/or Video Links section)

Open two separate HBC pages (ie. two browser pages open to two separate HBC sites)
On one, click Post New Thread (or Reply to Thread - advanced, if wanting to add to and existing thread). This will leave you a blank section that will eventually be your post.
Go to the second HBC page and go to Gallery, My Photos. You have to have uploaded the photo earlier (see my post below)
Your photos in your gallery are thumbnail size (unless you just uploaded it). Double click on the photo you want to post (if thumbnail) will enlarge. R click on the enlarged photo and select Copy.
Go back to your first HBC page with the blank section, R click on the blank area and select Paste.
To add written comment, hit enter a couple of times to expose an area to type.