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Thread: Looking to go waterfowling

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    Looking to go waterfowling

    Hi I live in the lower mainland and was wondering if anyone with some experience wants to take a new waterfowler hunting. I have a shotgun and the bare necessities but no knowledge. I am in my early thirties and would love to learn hands on. PM me if your willing to take me out

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    Re: Looking to go waterfowling

    Hi Tim,

    Anyone ever take you out? I'd be happy to take you out for a day on the bay if yer willing and able.



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    Re: Looking to go waterfowling

    Hi Ben,

    I'm too am looking into getting into waterfowl hunting and I'm looking for public land to hunt. I've been told places like Boundary Bay or Brunswick Point are good if you can find a spot. I've been scouring the world wide web for the very few sources of maps that have legal hunting/shooting areas and discovered the Pitt-Addington marsh. I checked it out briefly mid-Christmas day and saw next to no birds. Any tips or suggestions? I'm working on the necessities. I currently only have a shotgun, 1 duck call that I'm practicing on, and regular rainwear / waders (not camo). I've been out a few times with my bosses, which is how I got into waterfowl hunting, but their personal lives are getting busy, so they aren't able to go out much themselves, let-alone invite me.

    Any and all help is greatly appreciated,

    - Robert -

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