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Thread: My first

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    My first

    They say youll never forget your first
    and I hope that is the case!

    Here is a little write up of my first deer that I spent the
    better part of 2019 preparing for.
    I purchased a bear tag in April and spent every available
    hour in the back country. Often just going for a drive after work
    and hiking on pretty much every weekend.
    Scouting, making little maps, writing notes even measuring
    distances and setting up little blinds.
    I got in trouble more than once for reading through the Forum
    during work hours but I was gathering as much info
    as possible (and working for my dad has its perks as well).

    To give a bit of context, I am a German immigrant. Have
    lived in Canada for close the fourteen years now and am
    also the first one in my family that got bitten by the hunting bug.
    So this is all brand new to me.
    After getting in touch with a couple of the guys here, who
    have been nothing short of amazing, I started to develop a bit of a game plan
    which admittedly was full of amateur mistakes.

    I mainly scouted MU 8-11 and found two spots where I regularly
    saw Ungulates in. Sighted 6 Moose in one of the spots over the summer
    and was certain I hit the jackpot.
    As fresh elk droppings and deer scat where everywhere.
    So September rolls around and Im up every morning
    before dawn to do the hour drive in and then hike the rest
    to get into position and it was without success but I took
    away a new appreciation for Nature and how truly awesome it is!
    On one of my other threads I detailed the unfortunate experience I
    also made but I guess it is all part of the playing field.

    After speaking with Dave (Ourea) he told me something which
    I never heard before; Deer can be found close to the road
    and some bucks he took where 100 yards off the road (correct me
    if I misquoted you Dave).
    So instead of driving far into the FSRs I decided to find a couple does,
    even just signs on the side of the road and look closer.
    That is how I found a bedding area very close to my spot B
    and was able to quietly observe does coming and going
    but they were out of season and admittedly, my ego
    really wanted a solid buck to show with.

    Last week it all came together... I was out again and after hiking in a bit I
    decided to look around a pond I came across and since my phone
    died I got lost.
    The Sun was setting and using that I was able to get roughly
    back on the road (a nice 5km detour all in all).
    Bushed and a bit upset at myself for not sticking to the plan
    I was heading back to the truck.
    Literally a couple hundred meters from the truck I hear a sharp
    crack, bring the rifle up and see a large doe perfectly silhouetted.
    I started shaking and the adrenaline rush was just brutal!
    One shot and she went down on the spot.... I cannot
    put into words how that felt. Immense respect for the animal, a bit of the
    feeling that I cant really describe when you take a life,
    the moment and just such a feeling of accomplishment!
    It was an absolute roller coaster of emotions...

    I sat for a minute or two beside that doe just taking
    it in and then got to work.
    Spent the next morning watching YouTube videos on how to
    butcher a deer properly and also did that.
    I had the peak moment of that experience after grilling
    a bit of the back-strap and neck loin and that just brought
    it all together.

    Before I wrap up my long and convoluted story I want
    to say, we are immensely privileged to be able to pursue
    this lifestyle!
    I am really grateful to all members here who took the time
    to talk to me especially Ourea and Chris Pryn.
    The sense of community here is great and I appreciate you all!

    Here is to the rest of the season, to the many more
    to come! Waidmansheil to all of you!

    - Jan

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    Re: My first

    Congratulations on your harvest.

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    Re: My first

    Very nice. Good meat for the freezer and you'll never forget that experience.

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    Re: My first

    Awesome, congrats

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    Re: My first

    Well done boss!
    Do wish to mention the close to the rd comment i made is a Whitetail thing. Curious buggers are not afraid to carve out a living in plain sight.

    Couldnt be happier for you. It will only get better going forward with future hunts.
    Now go buy the second WT tag and get a decent buck down.
    Again, congratulations.

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    Re: My first

    Thanks so much guys!
    it has been an awesome journey so far
    and I look forward to posting many stories in the future!

    Already done Dave
    when I get back next week, I’ll be at it again!!

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    Re: My first

    Congrats.. the feeling of accomplishment of getting your first animal will always be remembered!!.. have fun I'm sure there will be more animals to come!!

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    Re: My first

    Great story made my day Congratulations Jan you've learned a lot in a short time well done enjoy that venison and best of luck the rest of the season.
    its gonna take a life time to hunt and fish all this

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    Re: My first


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    Re: My first

    Congrats, that's a big step for sure!

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