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Thread: New Viruses Found in Farmed and Wild Salmon

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    Thumbs down New Viruses Found in Farmed and Wild Salmon

    Researchers have found three new-to-science viruses in chinook and sockeye salmon in British Columbia. The discovery, led by Gideon Mordecai, a University of British Columbia molecular biologist who studies the ecology of viruses, is part of a larger investigation into whether viruses are contributing to the steep declines in wild British Columbia salmon populations over the past 30 years.

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    Re: New Viruses Found in Farmed and Wild Salmon

    How long have fish farms being in BC waters?
    Yup, it's easier to manage hunters (LEH) than it is to manage wildlife. And, generally, LEH satisfies the Guide Outfitter because it limits the number of hunters in their area.

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