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Thread: Bringing a non hunting dog hunting?

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    Re: Bringing a non hunting dog hunting?

    Got back a few weeks ago, took my young lab on a deer hunt. She got to retrieve about 20 grouse which was cool, speant a bunch of time walking old roads and cutblocks with me, sat and watched for deer for a pile of hours, and was with us when we walked up on a griz. She had a cozy place to rest in her kennel beside the stove in the tent.

    All things considered, it went very well. I did leave her in camp in her kennel a couple afternoons so I could sneak in and sit a hard to get to spot.

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    Re: Bringing a non hunting dog hunting?

    Quote Originally Posted by DannyO View Post
    Continuing on the warmth issue, anyone used any dog vests that they would recommend for keeping a short haired dog warm.
    I bought Trigger a jacket from a local feed store. It was basically a scaled down horse blanket. He loved it. Stayed toasty warm under it, and I gave it a few coats of silicone spray.
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    Re: Bringing a non hunting dog hunting?

    Take my Norwegian Elkhounds with me whenever I can. They love it. During deer season they are on leash when out of the wire crate on the Viking. During Spring bear, when out of crate, they have their e-collars on. They'll wander about 50 yards ahead and loop back to us then do it again. If they wander further, the audible tone on the collar will make them wheel back. Always have either a neon Hurtta harness or vest on them for visibility and protection from brush.
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