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Thread: Good starter gear for new blacktail hunter

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    Re: Good starter gear for new blacktail hunter

    One thing to add, something I have forgotten a couple times early on (like last year, and a day this year) is bringing enough water and snacks on a day hunt – when you are away from camp or truck. You never know where you'll end up sometimes when you get caught up in the excitement tracking game. If you cover a fair amount of ground, and elevation, you burn more calories than you might think, and it's important to refuel, even if it's a granola bar and a litre of water, it can make as huge difference. Or you could get a life straw and try whatever water (ponds, creeks) are around you... I'm not that brave yet...

    Also, as said above, a good GPS app that let's you add waypoints and tracks is really important for finding your way back... A cel charger is a good idea as well, some charge your phone 3 or 4 times. Search youtube for setting s to turn off on your phone, such as advertising tracking, so that your battery does drain quickly from unnecessary app services.
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    Re: Good starter gear for new blacktail hunter

    iHunterBC is a great app and easy way to check the regs on the go mid hunt.
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    Re: Good starter gear for new blacktail hunter

    Thanks for the advice guys!

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