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Thread: Letís talk about poop...

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    Re: Letís talk about poop...

    Never fails, when I feel like I'm in a good spot or time of day, the urge to drop some stew hits me.

    I've been laying down steaming heaps in the bush regularly for a long time.
    When in doubt, just pin it.

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    Re: Letís talk about poop...

    C'mon guys - everyone poops in the woods. Some just prefer to be more artistic than others. I just try high-tail it out from the scene of the crime.

    I just don't like it when you know your hunting buddy pooped, and you know he did because he's yelling at his turtle to get out - and then later when you stop for a break, he takes out a piece of his sandwich and offers it to you.

    Yes - it's time to get this thread locked up.
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