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Thread: Muskwa/Tuchodi

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    Re: Muskwa/Tuchodi

    I would hate to work on a downed animal with all the grizzly sign you talk about

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    Re: Muskwa/Tuchodi

    Quote Originally Posted by Phila View Post
    Just returned from a week on the upper Muskwa, stayed at Poplar Camp upriver from Crehan Creek with outfitter. There were five hunting camps in a two mile stretch upriver from us, unrelated to us. One instance of hunters calling one another instead of Elk that we know of.

    We saw Elk, goats. Didn't see or hear any moose except for a cow moose on the river. Wolves and coyotes in the area and a few bears around, both black and grizzly. I was successful on a good bull Elk.

    Spectacular scenery, good hunting, access in and out can be difficult depending on river conditions. For me crowding was the biggest concern.
    The area always has many camps in September.

    In the past there was game for every hunter and all the predators. Now not so much

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