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Thread: Dogs in Camp Doís and Dontís

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    Re: Dogs in Camp Doís and Dontís

    Good post Ron.C!

    The "Ralph Lake Trailhead" pic is awesome.

    Sounds like my late pooch was very similar to yours, and I agree with your "rules"...

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    Re: Dogs in Camp Doís and Dontís

    Great photos Ron...

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    Re: Dogs in Camp Doís and Dontís

    [QUOTE=Ron.C;2116201]I'd rather be in the bush or in camp with my dog (s) than many people I know. I've enjoyed many hunts with my late dog Buckely.

    Rules for dogs in camp?

    Don't let them run all over hells half acre. I'd be more worried about my dog checking out a porcupine

    Your right. A dog never talks back, argues with you or makes a complete drunken fool of themselves.
    Porcupines... that could ruin a trip real quick. Seen Dr. Pol remove quills from a dogs face. Not pretty.
    thanks for sharing some great memories with Buckely.
    Hunt, Enjoy, Repeat

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    Re: Dogs in Camp Doís and Dontís

    ^^^ bingo. A well behaved dog is no issue in my eyes, if anything, their a bonus to have around camp, or on your heel. A good dog will alert you of more game then you realize is there.
    Porcupines, a dogís nightmare. Mine got a dose during our sheep hunt this year, luckily dad had his leatherman in his pack.

    A wondering dog I can see being an issue, a hunting trip is a perfect training session tho.

    Take the dogs and have a blast, and good luck!!

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    Re: Dogs in Camp Doís and Dontís

    A real beauty of a dog you have, love my dogs more than most people
    Tinder King

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    Re: Dogs in Camp Doís and Dontís

    Quote Originally Posted by whitespringer View Post
    No there named Cuddles and Fluffy hahahaha
    Calling ďcuddlesĒ loudly all the time could also get you in trouble depending on who is camped next door!
    If weíre not supposed to eat animals, how come theyíre made out of meat?

    BHA, BCWF, CCFR, PETA, Lever Action Addict.

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    Re: Dogs in Camp Doís and Dontís

    I got my dog as a pup right when I started hunting 5 years ago. Been on every trip with me since then . Helped me spot quite a few deer I would have walked right by . I’ve noticed a completely different mentality with him if he’s in the bush compared to home he’s always on point and never relaxed until back at camp . He lives for the moment he’s aloud to retrieve a bird .
    i always tape up his collar to avoid jingling as well as do a bunch of target shooting with him leashed and attached to me .

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    Re: Dogs in Camp Doís and Dontís

    Great photos of the dog Ron C. ! Real nice looking . A responsible caring dog person ! Yep it's bad enough if you have to listen to the neighbours dog yapping 24/7 but you go camping or hunting and someone has a yappy dog in camp, man that really ticks me off !
    Arctic Lake

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    Re: Dogs in Camp Doís and Dontís

    Depends on the dog.
    My husky always had orange on during hunting season.
    They are to be leashed while hunting.
    Again, around camp depends on the dog if they stick around or wander.
    Yes, they can guard against grizz, but can also take of f after them (not fun!!).
    They will let you know if something lurks in the dark while sleeping!
    But do they bark, or quiet?
    OR do they think they are on their "own hunting adventure"??? while you are on yours??? (Also frustrating!)

    Depends on the dog and yes, some are better left at home!
    Also, don't be like the clowns who had their shepard cross on the loose while hunting and thinking they were in the middle of nowhere so the dog was safe to run.
    They almost lost it when it cam out of no where at full tilt at me and surprised the shit out of me.
    Last second I realized it wasn't a wolf and it realized it "didn't know me" or heard it's owner???.
    And left.
    Almost dead however, so fyi.

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    Re: Dogs in Camp Doís and Dontís

    The 3 dogs that I'v owned have all gone on hunting trips with me, all of them being hunting trained Labs. After getting a moose or deer the hunt turns into a duck/grouse hunt. If you're going with other guys you should ask them if it's ok for the dog to come along, if not don't have your feelings hurt, your hunting partners should have an opinion what's in camp as well. As far as porcupines go it seem's like every hunting dog just has to get into at least 1 in their lifetime while hunting. All three of mine just had to see how they tasted ONCE, I don't think getting those quills getting pulled out of the tongue and inside their cheeks feel to good. The dog that I have now got into one when he was about 18mo., he hasn't given them a second look since. When hunting moose or deer my dogs are locked in the truck or trailer.

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