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Thread: Helmet when hunting?

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    Re: Helmet when hunting?

    Quote Originally Posted by lakelander View Post
    I didn't see in the regulations that you can opt not to wear a helmet if you wear your seat belt in a side by side. Interesting, I thought that COs can only ticket you for firearm/hunting related infractions. I ride a side by side with a roll cage and seat belts but maybe I will wear an open face just in case. Thanks all.
    Yes the regulations are clear, you have to wear both but in this case the CO is making a decision to allow one or the other. That doesn't mean another CO won't enforce the regulations as written. Keep in mind that CO's are Peace Officers and as such can enforce any law in BC. For example, the speed limit on FSR's is 80 KM/H unless otherwise posted. A CO could issue speeding ticket of you exceed that speed.

    I think most will provide some leeway, because they hunt too, and understand the issues. This CO spoke about neck fatigue from wearing a full face helmet, hence his slowing a seatbelt instead. Doesn't apply to ATV, but at least he knows what it means to have a helmet on while hunting, I don't think he likes it either, lol.
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    Re: Helmet when hunting?

    I wear a helmet when riding ATV or motor bike. Going slow doesn't necessarily guarantee no accident and subsequent head injury. My brother was riding his trials bike in his driveway to see how it ran following some carb/throttle cable work at a local shop. He cracked the throttle and for some reason it stuck wide open. He hit a tree and was thrown head first into it caving in his skull resulting in bone fragments in the brain. An added bonus of the helmet is it keeps the noodle warm on those frosty late fall days.

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