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Thread: Pitt Marsh Goose Hunting

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    Pitt Marsh Goose Hunting

    I was wondering if anyone in the LML had any experience with hunting the Pitt Marsh. I live in Pitt and plan to get out but was hoping for any pointers or tips/tricks. I know you can only hunt Wed/Sat/Sun. Are decoys a must here, since there seems to be so many around? Do you use a mix of duck & geese decoys if you do use them? Thanks in advance
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    Re: Pitt Marsh Goose Hunting

    My main recommndation is to bring some method of retrieving downed birds. There is not much land and a lot of water. I hope you are lucky enough to have a retrieving dog. If not I've seen canoes, inflatable dinghy, even fishing rods work. I' fortunate enough to have a dog, so I just walk the dikes, and try to get under the birds flight path. If you can get a boat out into some of the more open areas, decoy set ups seem to do good there in the early season. The birds get hunted pretty hard there, and learn about decoys pretty quickly.

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