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Thread: Powell River/ sechelt Goats.

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    Powell River/ sechelt Goats.

    Hey guys, just finished up a goat hunt up north. It was a success, no goat shot, but every hunt blood on the knife or not is still a success!

    Anywhos, I want to continue to pursue my quarry but closer to home as being a father to two young ones prevents me from to much time away from home.

    Does anyone have suggestions or experience hunting goats near PR or Sechelt? Iím suspecting things are limited but I have heard that things donít get much pressure around PR.

    Any thoughts or suggestions?

    Much thanks!
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    Re: Powell River/ sechelt Goats.

    I was up Daniels river a while ago and saw goats up there. It’s a long boat ride but they are there.

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    Re: Powell River/ sechelt Goats.

    Emma lakes. Haven’t been there myself and I think it may be somewhat popular for hiking but there should be goats in the area.
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