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Thread: Elk caller looking for experienced bowhunter

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    Elk caller looking for experienced bowhunter

    Hi Iím looking for early season bow hunting partner for elk. Iím more of a rifle hunter myself but I am a decent elk caller, so I would like to get out during bow season and call an elk within bow range. This is one type of hunt where two hunters working together can improve the odds, as well as share the effort and the results. I live in Vancouver and happy to drive a good distance to find elk. However, it would be nice to find someone local and meet beforehand. Normally I donít mind taking newbies along, but for this hunt Iím looking for someone with experience; things can get exciting pretty fast and both caller and shooter need to know what theyíre doing.

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    Re: Elk caller looking for experienced bowhunter

    Hi there, I'm a newbie. But since nobody responded I would like if you could take me into consideration. Send me private message if you're interested, I was planning on going to 4-9 to hunt for my tags this friday before season opens until next Thursday.

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