These new products are based on Spartan Precision Equipment's original & highly successful Spartan Javelin Bi-pod and are designed to be carried in a pocket or pouch, off of the rifle until required.
The Javelin Pro Hunt uses precision CNC machining and high quality edge carbon fibre materials to produce an innovative, modular & highly effective shooting support for the modern shooter. It is available with a choice of two section adjustable legs, using Spartans latest external locking system that keeps the locking action out of the dirt. It also features a Leg Lock-Out mechanism that keeps the legs open until they need to be closed with a single button press.
The Javelin Lite is available with a choice of three interchangeable fixed length carbon fibre legs and is the choice for the hunter looking to shave as much weight as possible.

Item# Description Price
SP02-007 Javelin Pro Hunt Bipod - Standard $445.00
SP02-008 Javelin Pro Hunt Bipod - Long $445.00
SP02-009 Javelin Lite Bipod - Standard $225.00
SP02-010 Javelin Lite Bipod - Long $225.00
SP02-011 Javelin Lite Bipod - Mini $225.00