Hmmm good point on battery..I remove the small ATV battery and mount a wooden box on the back rack, inside is a full sized sealed deep cycle battery, run cables to the atv.with lights, winch, and flashing light the larger battery provides gobs of power, couple times over the winter I attatch a battery charger just to keep absolutely topped up....worked flawlessly for years.
the local williams lake forestry makes me up custom length battery cables from battery to hook up on atv..when I change ATV model/ year.
The Honda 500 is gears not belts so no issues so far with using 3 different atvs over 20 years .
These tires with studs are 4x4 mode in low range and sometimes posi lock..blade at an angle so snow slides off to pass of the sidewalk..2 blocks..5 minutes ?
Couple widows. .and handicapped..elderly ..hit their driveways...done ours, theirs, sidewalk..30 minutes...average winter...7 to 10 gallons fuel total...hmmmmm have the ATV already...nice to get it used other than spring bear..fall hunting.
The Warn called Provantage...and the option belt rather than use your steel winch cable saves your cable.
The new discs for base height level look like 5 years before replacement might be needed..much better than old style...
The Rigid LED light bar..10 inch...draws 4.5 amps...and really lights up the dark winter nights..
I have a magnetic mounted flashing orange strobe mounted on the back battery box. ..keeps everyone
Instead of waiting for snow to stop after 10 hours..I hit it 2x..once after 5 hours. ..makes it much easier to clear.
I have one resident on our street that REALLY dislikes me clear his sidewalk...very clearly istructed me in very loud volumes one house front sidewalk is carefully avoided.
Enjoy helping neighbors.