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Thread: Fraser salmon runs blocked

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    Re: Fraser salmon runs blocked

    How would explosives be placed to clear material blocking the river when the salmon can't even make it through. I assume everyone has viewed the video and seen the current through there.

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    Re: Fraser salmon runs blocked

    Quote Originally Posted by russm View Post
    I haven’t been paying much attention to this land slide situation, but couldn’t a net have been put right across the river a ways downstream to hold the fish back while they blast it then just pull the net and be done with it?
    I've heard (could be a rumour) that was an option considered, but the distance required to hold the fish back from a blast where the sediment run off wouldn't have killed them was not feasible.
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    Re: Fraser salmon runs blocked

    Maybe the "powers that be" should look after the most important salmon bearing river in western Canada....

    The slide occured in October or November last year? Ya think they would have known about it and done something about it before now???

    Not enough tax dollars in the DFO and "Environment and Climate Change Canada" to have a look every now and then???

    And where's the "news" reports on this? They were all over it before the info came out as to when the slide actually happened....

    F***ing joke.

    Absolute sad f****ing joke...

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    Re: Fraser salmon runs blocked

    Quote Originally Posted by 604ksmith View Post
    I've heard (could be a rumour) that was an option considered, but the distance required to hold the fish back from a blast where the sediment run off wouldn't have killed them was not feasible.
    This whole situation is a total DFO fu#k up, they should all be fired, including the Federal Fisheries minister!!! He stated on live TV that they don't monitor the Fraser very often, are you kidding me, the most important river on the south coast! This happened in late November and he didn't know about it until June?? That's total bullshit, what would it cost to have a chopper pick up a fisheries guy in Hope and fly the canyon once a month? I'll tell you how much, nothing compared to the loss that is now happening! This post isn't aimed at you 604 but it made me say something. There's maybe a million fish staging at the river mouth in the next couple weeks, blow that obstruction outta there and if it makes things worse keep blasting till it's done! As it stands right now we're going to see some major devistations to our Salmon stocks as they've only moved 5000 fish over the slide as of yesterday! Rant over! K

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    Re: Fraser salmon runs blocked

    How many were chastised or jailed over the cod collapse? Same as will see responsibility for the salmon collapse.

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    Re: Fraser salmon runs blocked

    Fish are getting through.
    -acoustic sounders above the have been in place and removed numerous times.
    -What are the numbers of fish that have made it above the slide? Why is DFO not releasing these numbers?
    - 90k sockeye have now reached the slide. If fish were not getting past the slide the back eddy would be black with fish.
    -All the press conferences have been more of a FN appeasement media show

    this whole situation is all smoke and mirrors

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    Re: Fraser salmon runs blocked

    Would a salmon cannon help ?
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    Re: Fraser salmon runs blocked

    Quote Originally Posted by Red_Mist View Post
    Would a salmon cannon help ?
    Now, that s awesome stuff right there.
    When they scan the fish, do they take blood pressure and HR readings?? know, to make sure it wont get a frickin heart attack when it hits the "elevator express"
    Maybe they can play AC/DC "highway to hell" just for their listening pleasure as well.....seems appropriate!!

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    Re: Fraser salmon runs blocked

    I just couldn't help myself.

    " High on the Chilcotin plateau in British Columbia's Interior, the chief of a local First Nation says the traditional diet of its members is threatened by a landslide more than 150 kilometres away.

    Tl'etinqox Chief Joe Alphonse, who also represents five other local nations as tribal chairman of the Tsilhqot'in National Government, says Fraser River tributaries once teeming with salmon have shown paltry returns since the Big Bar landslide was discovered in June.

    "On a good year, you can run across the river on the backs of sockeye, that's how thick our rivers are. And bright, bright, bright almost fluorescent orange colour, it's an awesome sight," he said. Alphonse estimated up to 170,000 sockeye returned to local tributaries this year where the annual average is closer to one million.

    While the slide occurred in the traditional territory of the High Bar and Stswecem'c Xgat'tem First Nations, the Tsilhqot'in are among another 140 First Nations that the federal government has said could also feel the effects.

    Members are concerned Ottawa isn't doing enough to prevent further damage to stocks, and that the public may not realize there is still a crisis because salmon runs are finished for the season, he said.

    On Nov. 15, the Tsilhqot'in government sent a letter to the office of the fisheries minister requesting an update on the department's progress, including monitoring and contingency plans should mitigation fail. The letter asks for immediate updates when work barriers are encountered, in the interest of a "collective and transparent approach.

    Stocks already faced challenges of historic overfishing and habitat loss and the landslide could prove an extirpating blow, Alphonse said. The possible loss of salmon, combined with a decline in moose populations because of the 2017 wildfires, means wild meats are scarce in region. "A lot of our people live way under what the Canadian society would consider the poverty line, but a lot of our people are able to do that because they can still obtain a lot of their sustenance through hunting and fishing," he said. Fishing also plays an important cultural role in the community, and five months of the local calendar year are named for salmon or trout, Alphonse said. "It's huge, huge, huge, the impact on my community," he said.

    The Tsilhqot'in aren't alone in calling for more action.

    On Monday, the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs issued a media release on behalf of the First Nations Leadership Council asking the federal and provincial governments to declare a state of emergency, and for resources to be prioritized to remove the obstruction within the next 60 days. It also asks the federal government to identify and fund a working group, including representatives from affected First Nations, to monitor the efforts and develop contingency plans in response to the crisis.

    No one from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans was immediately available for comment, but it held a media briefing last week updating the progress of federal, provincial and local efforts.The department said water levels are beginning to drop on the river, presenting the only opportunity to remove enormous amounts of rock blocking salmon migration routes before spring and summer runs arrive.Officials warned there's a "high risk" they won't be successful in rescuing the threatened salmon before the 2020 season. "

    ⑴ Hey Joe, I think the CREATOR is trying to tell you something, doncha think? After all, it was an Act of GOD.
    ⑵ Hey Joe, You're the tribal chairman of your national government, what are your contingency plans?
    ⑶ There they go again, asking the taxpaying Canadians for more money yet again.

    Since it was an Act of GOD that caused the slide, then it stands to reason that it should be an Act of GOD to remove it, not the Canadian Taxpayer.
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    lip_ripper00 01/07/2019 @ 10:28 AM

    Lest we forget
    Humbolt Broncos Tragedy
    " I'm trying to not get cynical about what is a totally devastating tragedy but the maleness, the youthfullness and the whiteness of the victims are playing a significant role."
    Nora Loreto 6:49 PM 8 Apr. 2018

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    Re: Fraser salmon runs blocked

    I have said it before Joe is just a fat useless POS
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