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Thread: How does grazing cows affect your hunting area

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    How does grazing cows affect your hunting area

    I've been working on scouting a new area this year. I was a little late in getting the cams out but did get them out in late May. Anyway, I have been up a few time to check the cams and the area is very promising. I've gotten pics of many deer both bucks and does. This past weekend I checked again and noticed that cows are now grazing in the area. Actually, a group of them bedded down right in front of my camera. While reviewing the pics, I noticed that the cows may have been actually chasing a few deer away. My question is: How do cows grazing in an area affect the deer population and activities? Should I consider focusing in a different area?

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    Re: How does grazing cows affect your hunting area

    Here we go again.
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    Re: How does grazing cows affect your hunting area

    One of my favourite deer areas is seasonally shared with cattle and I've never noticed much of a difference when they are there versus not there.

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    Re: How does grazing cows affect your hunting area

    I have found it'll displace the deer but only for a short time, the cows are always moving, i'll get less pics of deer for a few days when the cattle are in that area, but then they'll come back
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    Re: How does grazing cows affect your hunting area

    The biggest problem with cows in the area where your cams are is that you cant put down a salt lick or bait as the cows will sit on it. Im not sure there are many area's around Kamloops that don't have cows grazing at some point in time, so it sucks that you could hear something moving, stock in only to find a cow, but I have seen them standing together on lots of occassions

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    Re: How does grazing cows affect your hunting area

    Ranchers will be putting out salt of their own, though not used often by deer late in the fall, they do visit the sites.

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    Re: How does grazing cows affect your hunting area

    Ultimately it makes no difference. I hunt mulies and whities in areas with cows, i find deer dont like to hang out close to them but the deer are still around.

    Its just annoying getting 500 pics of cows and 2 deer lol.
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    Re: How does grazing cows affect your hunting area

    Oh My
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    Re: How does grazing cows affect your hunting area

    Some deer probably stay away while others don't even seem to notice. I have seen deer hanging out very close to cows as they graze.

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    Re: How does grazing cows affect your hunting area

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