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Thread: Athlon Spotting Scopes

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    Athlon Spotting Scopes

    Anyone had any experience with these?

    Some good reviews about, but seems to be a rather new outfit - and no content in any of the many spotting scope threads here on HBC.

    Considering the Ares 15-45x65 ED unit - got a local quote for ~$1k, seems like they can be had for a bit cheaper stateside ~550USD

    Seems to compare against the Vortex Viper 15-45x65 quite well.

    Looking for a scope for backpacking - with lifetime warranty - price point of $1k.

    Thanks for any info.

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    Re: Athlon Spotting Scopes

    If you check out rockslide, the cameralandny crew seems to speak highly of the brand. If I was going to purchase optics stateside that is who I would call as well. Ask for Doug. Even just for info I’m sure he’d be happy to help

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